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Safari Frame Tents are great outdoor camping tents with luxury interior and home comfort because of its size and design. We design, manufacture and supply with customers customisation needs in colors, size and other options.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable living
  • Veranda
  • Customization
  • Choice of color schemes
Size 200×200 cm
Height: 165cm
Person: 2
Size 300×300 cm
Height: 185cm
Person: 4
Size 400×400 cm
Height: 245cm
Person: 8



Material: Waterproof Lightweight Fabric
Groundsheet: PE Groundsheet stitched with the tent
Support: Folding Iron Pole.


Windows: with mesh and closing flap
Ventilation: Vents at peak
Other Options: Hooks for the inner tent (optional), hanging light, Pockets

  • Inner Partitions
  • Stove Pipe Chimney
  • Ground sheet
  • Color options (beige, Tane, off white, Khaki, Jungle green, Olive green, Chocolate Brown, Dark Ded, Smoke grey, Black)

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